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An interview with Maria on what she learned while writing Ancient Grains for Modern Meals, how to stay creative while cooking grains, and how not to diet.

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Suvir Saran, Top Chef Masters contestant, season 3

Maria has an infectious passion that is contagious beyond measure. That she shares the names and stories of those that infected her with her own passion, makes this book both a wonderful read and a tome to learn cooking from. Teaching us to use the best ingredients and whole grains is not an easy task, but Maria does so with elegance and grace.

Luckily for me, Maria Speck is one of those exceptions to mindful eating that does not make much noise about eating well. She just does it.

Ellie_Krieger, Food Network host, via Twitter

@MariaSpeck “it really is a glorious book Maria. I wish you all the best with it.”

Heidi Swanson, creator of 101 cookbooks, via Twitter

@101Cookbooks @MariaSpeck “Loving it Maria – really beautifully done. Congrats!”
101 features Maria’s Quinoa with Currants, Dill, and Zucchini recipe

Greg Patent, award-winning cookbook author, Missoulian

…The book’s ultimate birth came in April of this year and it is a dandy…

Virginia Willis, chef and cookbook author

We all know we’re “supposed to” eat more whole grains. I know my way around the grain bin pretty well, but even as a professional cook I sometimes face the wall of bulk food at Whole Foods Market with more than a smidgen of bewilderment. Well, my friend, be bewildered no more. This book is the answer.

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