Take the Pledge, and Burgundy Breakfast

picture by Erin Kunkel

picture by Erin Kunkel

Hi everyone, this, belated:

  • Because life happens, and I never got around to posting this.
  • But it’s still October, and so I invite you to participate in Andrew Wilder’s great annual initiative October Unprocessed. If you haven’t heard about it, Andrew is the man who pulled off an incredible pledge drive in 2009, based on a simple idea: What would it be like to go one month without processed food? Last year, a whopping 22000 people joined the pledge.
  • If you want to still take the pledge, here are the details.

And because I love the idea and Andrew’s passion, I wrote this post for his site:

No Time for Good Grains ? Three Tips from my Busy Kitchen

Also, this fall, before the holidays, I will be doing more events in the Boston area. If you’d like to get a copy of my new Simply Ancient Grains and sample a treat, check out the new events on my site.

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