My first Thanksgiving — here to stay

So many of you have asked—here is the uncooked version of my very first Thanksgiving. I’m sure you know that this was not a smooth ride. It includes a sizeable scar on my left arm, from turning the turkey onto its butt. A souvenir. But in the end the meal turned out splendidly. I’m thankful beyond words that a merciful army of culinary gods descended into my kitchen last week, with all their good spirits, and real people too. Foremost my efficient husband who quietly shoved the piles of dirtied pots and pans out of sight, cleaning them in the frenzied last minutes before the guests arrived. And who carved the bird like a pro after watching an online video by Alton Brown, just twice! I know why I married him. 

Today, I’m sharing a kaleidoscope of somewhat frantic pictures—taken by a nervous first-time-turkey-cook.

The star of the night—from the genius recipe by food journalist extraordinaire Russ Parsons on fabulous Food52. Not too bad for a first bird:

The spread on our plate:

Plus, golden and buttery cloverleaf rolls, using 100 % whole-grain flour.





In the food processor, ingredients for my version of a puckery cranberry orange salsa, adapted from a recipe by famous chef Patrick O’Connell of the Inn at Little Washington.



And, for dessert, I created two cakes—one is shown here in disguise only, ready to be sliced and topped with ice cream.



Last but not least: it always helps to have a meal plan, advice I don’t always heed. This time I did, and it saved me.



I promise to share the whole story of my Thanksgiving with you in due course, including my new ancient grains creations inspired by American traditions. Thank you all for believing that I could pull it off—the beaming guests around my table made it so worth it.

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